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Auditing services

Audit of Financial Statement

BESS offers financial auditing and other verification services, taking into account the unique risks and challenges prevalent in each client's particular industry. We also offer international assurance services in accordance with international standards.

Our Auditing services, such as:

–Audits of Financial Statements prepared in Accordance with Accounting Standards in Japan

  • Audits under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law

  • Audits under the Corporate Law

  • Audits under specific industry laws such as Insurance Business Law or Investment Trust Law

  • Audits of pre-IPO companies' financial statements

  • Audits of Special Public Corporations

  • Others


–Audits of Financial Statements prepared under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (USGAAP).


–Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPS)

BESS can also perform agreed-upon procedures when specific tests and procedures are required alongside reports on the results. Agreed upon procedures might include certain tests on accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchases, sales, etc. or internal control systems. The objective of such is to help you draw your own conclusions on the results of the tests to measure effectiveness.

If you would like to discuss more, please feel free to contact from below! 

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