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Marketing Support Services

It’s said that Japan is an attractive market to do business with its maturity and economy size but it’s not easy to enter because of some barriers to market entry.


For instance, local regulations and requirements are different from every industry and company so clients’ need to know what works and what does not work in each market. Furthermore, Japanese market and its customers are very “unique”.


Japanese consumers are likely to be the most difficult to please due to their high expectation on quality. Language is also one of the obstacles to enter the Japanese market. Japanese are not accustomed to speaking up and limited number of Japanese people are fluent in English.


Consequently foreign companies aiming to enter into the Japanese market find it difficult to communicate in English as it is often the case with global business in general.

Honestly we think it’s sometimes meaningless just providing a market research and an analysis like what other consulting firms provide because real consumer propensity doesn’t necessarily follow them.


Our professionals with expertise in this area cannot only offer client's consultations in regard to marketing techniques but provide them with practically effective marketing solutions through a wide variety of methods as “One-Stop” marketing support services.


This is what other accounting firms or out sourcing companies can barely provide with.

Our Marketing support services, such as:

–Consultations of marketing/ advertisement/ promotional strategy in Japan

–Development of a business plan specific to each client

–Implementation of marketing/advertisement processing through SNSs, Web, and a wide variety of marketing tools suitable and effective to each client the most

–Designing and developing websites

–Photo and video shooting for marketing/ advertisement/ website by our professional photographers and videographers

– Provision of a rental studio

–Planning and implementation of promotional events and exhibition

–Branding support for clients’ services and products


If you would like to discuss more, please feel free to contact from below! 

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