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Internal Audit services

Nowadays, organizations are facing the increasing possibility of allegations of fraud or other wrongdoing involving management, employees or third parties. Thus stronger internal controls are necessary to minimize fraudulent activity. BESS will support clients’ internal controls with internal auditing services through a global approach.

Our internal audit services, such as:


–Internal Audit

BESS, as an independent auditor, provides internal control audits in accordance with J-SOX, SOX and other laws and regulations. We will visit your company or subsidiary regularly to evaluate your internal control procedures and check compliance with internal control policies. We will not only provide an independent perspective of your company's operations and recommendations to your existing system, but investigating signs of fraud and non-compliance by having your managements’ eyes and ears, which can contribute to deterring fraud properly as we’re a third-party. In addition, your management can demonstrate to shareholders a commitment to corporate governance.

– Internal Audit support services


For the headquarters, the main obstacles to internal audits of overseas subsidiaries are the differences in local business practices, languages, and operating systems that are different from the headquarters system, which makes it difficult to conduct effective internal audits. Our skilled and dedicated employees use their expertise in overseas business practices and foreign languages to provide effective internal audit support and smooth communication with headquarters.

– Consulting service


BESS will provide international companies with consulting service in order for them to establish effective internal controls which can minimize the risk of fraud and defalcations.

If you would like to discuss more, please feel free to contact from below! 

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