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Nominee Director service

What’s a “Nominee Director”?


“Nominee directors” are local resident representatives (who are either Japanese nationals or legal residents of Japan) that enable international companies to operate and conduct business easily in Japan. Although under Japanese law, it is nonobligatory for foreign companies to hire nominee directors, but the advantages of nominee directors can make a big difference between the success or failure of their business. Why? A nominee director is a valuable liaison to Japanese banks, business, and regulatory institutions, that raises clients’ winning percentage specifically for the initial stage.

What’s the advantage of hiring a Nominee Director?


With our Nominee Director service, clients can launch their business without having to wait for their representatives to get their Business Manager visa. The appointed Nominee Director will serve as their qualified operational liaison and representative to all relevant business, Japanese banks, and regulatory institutions, which enables their companies to lease an office, hire employees, open a bank account etc., and their representatives to leave Japan freely at their convenience.


Of course, once the Japan Immigration Bureau approves its business manager visa and its long-term resident status, a Nominee Director will resign and the client can eventually take over the directorship of his company. Our Visa application specialists can handle the requirements that may hinder the approval process of your Business Manager visa.

Our Nominee Director services, such as:

–Fast-track your business with the support of an accomplished Nominee Director

–Organizing and implementing the incorporation process

–Providing all required documents to the Legal Affairs Bureau and handle all follow up inquiries by the authorities.

–Opening bank accounts

–Investor/Business Manager Visa application assistance

If you would like to discuss more, please feel free to contact from below! 

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