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Payroll Services

BESS provides support for human resource management, mainly in the area of payroll and social insurance. According to the Japanese Labor Act., companies are required to pay their employees the exact salaries/wages to their employees at least once a month. Some companies mistakenly believe that payroll processing is easy to handle, but when they actually calculate accurate salaries/wages and submit legal contributions, they realize the complexity of the process.

Additionally, if they utilize resources and infrastructures from an in-house payroll process, it would increase their operational costs as well as waste valuable working hours.

Thus, the best way to comply with the Labor Act, ensure compliance with corporate policies and securely manage all confidential information, is outsourcing their payroll services to a trustworthy Japanese payroll service providing firm.

Our Payroll Services, such as:

– Payroll calculations (Monthly salary and bonus calculation) and payment of net salaries, bonuses and withholding taxes 

– Preparation of pay slips with envelope

– Retirement allowance or severance calculations

– Payroll for Expats

– Year-end withholding tax adjustments

– Compilation of payroll lists for inhabitant taxes

– Preparation of statutory withholding tax documents legal record total table

– Consultations about payroll matters that are different as compared to those in the home country, such as:

  • separate processing of salary vs. bonuses

  • payout of retirement allowances (severances)

  • year-end withholding tax adjustments

– Others

If you would like to discuss more, please feel free to contact from below! 

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