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About DeLQit. LLC


Corporation name:

DeLQit. Limited Liability Company 



4-8-510 Higashi Gokencho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan 162-0813


Yuri Horota

Business Description:

Accounting and tax consulting
Valuation services
Due Diligence and Other Assurance Services
Financial Advisory Services
Vehicle Management Services

Business Partners:

About 100 companies including individuals and corporations, mainly financial institutions, listed companies and unlisted companies in Japan, the U.S. and Europe

Affiliated Companies:


Corporate History

Aug 2015, DeLQ it. LLC was founded. The business started out by a B2B English consulting service such as giving personalized lectures to executives at various companies including one of the most major telecommunication companies in Japan, giving lectures at the company seminars and events. 


June 2016,  An English educational service “Oh! Native English” that provides an easy-to-use English learning platform was launched. We collaborated with one of the biggest educational companies in Japan through our consultation. 


June 2018, Business Expansion Support Services “BESS” was launched. We’ve been supporting lots of foreign business owners and  foreign companies that were struggling to do business in Japan due to complicated Japanese laws and regulations, a language barrier and a discerning Japanese market that has extremely high standards for quality.

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