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Why Choose BESS?

1. We provide various services as One-Stop. Why?

BESS provides inbound business support services, such as business consulting, accounting and daily bookkeeping, tax compliance, tax consulting, payroll, cash management, social and labor insurance processes, legal support, marketing services, etc. with “cross-sectional” knowledge and experiences as per clients’ needs  as a smooth One-Stop service.

The reason why we stress “One-Stop” is that we’ve seen a lot of foreign clients that had been in trouble making business decisions and taking proper actions in a timely manner because of a lack of knowledge in complicated Japanese laws, registrations and business practices, as well as a language barrier. We always try to keep up with what’s going on in their whole businesses from various perspectives  and give them the best business advice and solutions so they can thrive in the Japanese complicated and competitive market.


As a “One-Stop professional firm”, you can have access to a range of specialized professionals through us, such as CPA, Certified Tax Accountants, Judicial/ Administrative Scriveners, Certified Labor and Social Insurance Consultants, Visa application specialists and Lawyers.

2. Effective client and brand positioning - We’re happy to be clients’ best Right-Hand Man

We are not just an outsourcing company. We are always willing to be client's business partner that has the same vision for the future expansions as if for CEO’s right-hand man through constant and close communication.


We don’t work only in their back office, but can go talk to their clients on their behalf because, sad to say, quite a few Japanese clients only speak Japanese.


Please rest assured that we organize the information obtained from there and forward it to our clients so that they can always be on the same page and make the right decision quickly and efficiently.

3. Alternative fee arrangements - Our fees are worth paying,  tailored to meet each client’s specific budget

We never provide “low-quality-low-price” services because we know  lots of clients have missed benefits and opportunities that they could have had due to low quality services. “Low quality services” include “passive services”.


To be honest, almost all Japanese accounting companies tend to provide services only according to customer requirements. In other words, sometimes customers will be unable to comply with laws and regulations because of this. That’s not a true “business expansion support”, isn’t it?


Our services are different. Our committed staff, standardized methodologies, technology-driven processes, constant attention to changes in laws and regulations help them stay one step ahead of current diverse and fast-evolving regulatory environment and stay relieved that they can always comply with Japanese laws and regulations.

4. 24/7 support, super flexible correspondence as if for your family doctor.

We value very close and flexible communication between our clients to alleviate their concerns like your family doctor. Our 24/7 communication must make them feel at ease because they know that their functions comply with Japanese regulations and can accelerate business development. This is what not all the companies can do.

5. We contribute to clients’ cost efficiency

Foreign clients don’t know how costly it is to hire in-house accountants, HR staff and back office staff that are experienced and  proficient in both English and Japanese. Japan is known for its complicated social insurance and taxation system, which leads to high employment costs. For example, due to our social insurance system, each employee’s employment costs and office equipment costs, etc., they need to pay twice or three times their salary.


Furthermore, it’s really problematic once they face unexpected negative situations like coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, at least in the initial stage of their operations, they should convert their fixed costs into variable costs through outsourcing, thereby minimizing their operating costs.

6. We’re willing to share our knowledge with clients

In fact, we’ve seen a lot of cases that shortage of each single employee’s knowledge had made a huge mess in their operations and hindered their business success. It’s really wasteful honestly. We couldn’t be happier if clients can learn how they should work on daily operations correctly and efficiently through working with us. We believe it could lead to their happiness and to a company’s ultimate success. We never intend to hold back our knowledge, and are willing to help them learn and grow as far as they want to. Of course, that definitely gives us a wonderful opportunity to grow at the same time.

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