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Business Expansion Support Services

Bilingual service (English) for Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Social insurance, Corporate secretary, Cash management, Business consulting,  Visa application, and Marketing etc.


BESS provides a wide range of professional inbound business support services from Tokyo, Japan for international companies and Japanese subsidiaries of international companies that are trying to do business in Japan or are already doing business in Japan.
In order to respond to client’s needs, our services can always be flexibly customized to exceed their expectations. In spite of challenging times such as the global coronavirus pandemic, we are always willing to provide customers with flexible support so that they can not only survive, but also for their business to grow and prosper.


Our Services

Our Servuces

Despite the strong demand to enter the Japanese market, there are very few companies that can provide bilingual support to international companies. Relying on our expertise in Japanese tax laws and accounting standards, BESS provides comprehensive business consulting services not only in company registration services, but also in Japanese entry strategies and business plans.

Business Expansion Support Services

Necessary procedures and schedule after company incorporation

Accounting and tax-

  1. Initial tax notifications (to apply for taxably preferential status)

  2. Bookkeeping and monthly closing (Monthly)

  3. WH income tax payment (by 10th of the following month of settling wages and applicable fees)

  4. Depreciable fixed asset tax returns (31-January)

  5. Statutory reporting of withholding income tax (31-January)

  6. Corporate and Consumption tax returns and payment (2 months after the FY end)

Payroll and social insurance-

  1. Initial social insurance and labor insurance enrollment

  2. Payroll calculations, including social insurance enrollment and retirement procedures (Monthly)

  3. Annual social insurance return (10-July)

  4. Annual labor insurance returns (10-July)

  5. Yearend individual income tax adjustment (31-December)

  6. Annual individual inhabitant tax procedures (31-January)


  1. We provide various services as One-Stop. 

  2. Effective client and brand positioning - We’re happy to be clients’ best Right-Hand Man

  3. Alternative fee arrangements - Our fees are worth paying,  tailored to meet each client’s specific budget

  4. 24/7 support, super flexible correspondence as if for your family doctor.

  5. We contribute to clients’ cost efficiency

  6. We’re willing to share our knowledge with clients

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